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Coach & Brand Designer

I help creative women find their magic and align their life, work, and brand.



Event Stationery Design

Boutique wedding & event stationery design for all your celebrations in life - wedding, birth, graduation, and everything in between.

About Our Company


2 Fish Creative was founded as a graphic design and web development company working with local businesses to develop websites and promotional materials as well as working with customers online to create paper designs for their weddings, births of their children, and other memorable life events. We developed a desire to help other women live a more fulfilling life. It became evident that one company could not satisfy serving such diverse target markets. While we are still rooted in graphic design and creativity, we expanded into a couple individual companies to expand our services with several more projects in the works.

About Our Founder


Welcome! I'm Brooke Golden, and I’m the founder of 2 Fish Creative.
I am a brand & stationery designer and online entrepreneur.

Art was my greatest interest as a child. In fact, the only thing I remember wanting to be consistently was an artist. I got my chance at the young age of 15 when I was able to learn graphic design while working at the local newspaper. I had found my calling! Having learned so much through years of hands-on design experience, I chose to diversify my skills with a certificate in web development and a degree in software development.

Upon completing my college degree, I found myself loving life in my rural hometown, but not the career opportunities. It is then that I decided to offer my design services to local businesses. At the same time, I opened an Etsy shop selling invitations, announcements, and other paper designs. If I had thought I found my calling before, I was even more complete now. I love combining my love of design and development with the challenge of building and managing my own business. I love working with my clients - establishing relationships and creating quality designs to suit their needs. I'm also a multi-passionate entrepreneur with several new projects in the works. I want to help more people, further challenge myself, and work in more of my interest areas. 2 Fish Creative is transformed to encompass these endeavors.

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